Limited Edition Enameled Tree Frog

Margaret has always had a thing for frogs.  For many cultures the frog is a symbol of regeneration and transformation.  It is also thought of as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and friendship.  This cutie is cast in fine silver (99.9% pure silver).  It is the first of a series of 100.   This one hangs from a stunning strand of faceted chrome diopside beads.  Also in the strand is a decorative pattern using london blue topaz on each side of a thin slice of orange coral.  The closure is an incredible sterling silver frog box clasp.  

You can pre-order your limited edition piece and customize the colors.  There is an approximate 2 week lead time.


  • Material: 99% pure silver
  • Size:  approximately 1 1/2 inches x 1 inches 
  • Color: blue, green, orange enamel 
  • Finish:  Enamel 
  • Stones: Faceted chrome diopside beads
  • Total Length: 17 inches 

Designed and hand made by Margaret Lumia, Studio Margaret